Company Profile - Key Personnel

Bradley W. Cohen, P.E. – President / Chief Engineer
Since 1991, Bradley Cohen has evaluated over 2,000 steam systems for energy conservation measures in Industrial, Educational, and Government facilities. Mr. Cohen's audits focus primarily on the steam system after the boiler. Many of his steam conservation programs have resulted in reductions of fuel usage in excess of 20%. In 2006, Mr. Cohen co-founded Energy Conservation Partners, packaging additional conservation measures in water, lighting, HVAC and building envelope, to steam system offerings.

Brian K. Cohen, M.B.A. – Vice President Operations
Brian Cohen brings an extensive background in business and management consulting. Mr. Cohen has assisted Fortune 500 companies and over 100 small businesses in the areas of Organizational Design, Management Training and Profit & Expense Controls. In addition to his responsibilities leading the company’s operational, administrative, and accounting functions, Mr. Cohen conducts training and strategic planning seminars for client companies.